Faith Bronsman


​High Concept: Bored Genius with too much time on her hands
Trouble: “Need something to do… like right now!”
Year 1: Half blood from a bad ass wizard line.
​Year 2: “I can do better then this!”
​Year 3: “This will not stand!”
​Year 4: “I would never be dishonest to you”
​Year 5: “Challenge accepted”

(3) Clever
(2) Flashy, Quick
(1) Sneaky, Careful
(0) Forceful

Book Smart: +2 Clever during Research
Cute: +2 Flashy when smooth talking people.
Genius: Once a game find just the information I need to solve a problem.

Refresh: 2


Year one
So apparently I’m a witch. Who knew? A few weeks ago some girls were making fun of me and in a fit of anger I managed to make their clothing disappear in front of the the entire lunch room. It was amazing! A few days later I get a letter from the Salem Witches’ Institute inviting me to their school. My parents were flummoxed thought the whole thing was a joke, that is until professor Long showed up and explained that in fact magic and everything is real, and my sperm donor was in fact a bad ass wizard, one would think you would need to put that on your profile when donating.
As it turns out I’m super good at magic, top of my class, and I couldn’t be more pissed about it. Here I was thinking , “Magic there is no way I could be good at this.” but just like everything else I’m good at it…

Year Two
So turns out I suck at something! A friend had me come over to her house over the summer and her and her brothers were flying on brooms, they asked me if I wanted to join in. I was hesitant because I had a bad experience with a faulty broomstick my first year. They said it would be cool, because they were flying nimbus 2010’s top of the line I wouldn’t have any problems with them. As it turns out it wasn’t a faulty broomstick my first year… I’m just terrible at flying, I got on that broom and, BAM, right into a tree. Once I got home I asked my moms if I could get a broom for my birthday. I need to have a pastime that is a challenge, and flying is just what the doctor ordered.

Year Three
I’m so pissed right now! This girl from Beauxbatons is here on an exchange program, har name is Aimée and everyone is fawning over her because she is some master witch, one of the best in the world apparently. Oh and she is super cute, like that matters we are an all girls school. Why would something like looks come into play. Well I’ll show her! I can out magic her! I can look better then her! I’m the best at this school! Me not her!

Year Four
So I’m grounded the entire summer… Moms found out that I lit Aimée’s stuff on fire after she got the best scores on finals, by three freaking points! They were not at all happy with me at all and said, “No friends, no TV, no computer, no broom, nothing until you learn how to keep that attitude in check!” But lucky for me moms are both deep sleepers and I can easily sneak out at night and have some fun! The best part is because I’m stuck in my room all day I can sleep and moms are none the wiser!

Year Five
Last year sucked I was suffering from an extreme case of boredom! I asked myself why was this? Why had school become so arduous and aggravating? And you know what I figured out? I miss Aimée; I know that is crazy seeing how much I hated her at the time, but as it turns out I need someone to push me and keep me challenged and she is the only one in my entire life who did that. So I applied for the exchange program over the summer and I was accepted! Beauxbatons here I come, and this time I’m going to crush Aimée academically! Oh and no fire this time…

Faith Bronsman

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