Post-Potter Hogwarts

Arriving at Durmstrang
Session Two

Durmstrang hosts a feast for the visiting delegations. Although he is a 7th year student, Trever sits with his friends at the 6th year table. Durmstrang serves a hearty and decidedly unpalatable stew for dinner. Alvin transmutes his into something more resembling real food, while Faith manages to make hers into something quite a bit more gourmet.

From across the tables, Faith trades bitchy looks and snarky comments with her rival, Amy, from Beauxbaton. After dinner, as the delegations walk across the beach to their living areas, Faith and Alvin each notice the hair on the back of their necks standing up- is someone watching them? Alvin quickly ducks away from the group and watches to see if anyone is following, while Faith looks around and notices a figure on the rampart of Durmstrang Castle above, watching the Hogwarts group intently. Casting a far-seeing spell, she notes a hooked nose and a gleaming eye under a grey hooded robe before the figure ducks away.

Alvin hears voices from his hiding place and creeps up to Durmstrang’s doors. Faith and Trever see him and follow. Pressing his ear against the wooden entryway, Alvin hears a whispered conversation between two people. Already difficult to hear because of the low volume, the door also muffled the voices enough that discerning gender was impossible. One voice worried that one of the Hogwarts students had seen them. The other scolds the first for watching in the first place.

Faith puts her ear to the door next to Alvin’s. One of them must have made some sort of noise, as one of the voices pauses and sushes the other. The first voice suggests moving to their office.

Alvin tries to open the door, but stops when the hinges begin to creep and he realizes that it’d make too much noise. Faith casts a spell to look THROUGH the door, but powerful wards on the door obscure the spell and cause her ring to become very hot.

Faith mentions that she saw one of them, and Alvin asks her to point out the person tomorrow. He and Trever leave, but Faith makes her gloves and shoes sticky and climbs 10’ up to a window by the door. She sees nothing inside, and casts a spell to open the window. Slipping into the entryway beyond the window, she looks for the pair she had heard talking, but they had already disappeared into the unfamiliar castle, so she chooses to leave. Climbing back through the window, she rejoins the group, and together they head back to the train.

Trever steps on a slightly squeaky floorboard as they board the train, and Headmistress McGonagal appears, catching the 3 out of bed past curfew. Alvin quickly grabs Trever and says ‘look who I caught out of bed!’ As Alvin is a prefect, the bluff works, and each gets off with nothing more than a small scolding later (including Alvin, as he should have alerted a teacher instead of catching Trever on his own).

The next morning after breakfast, everyone hurriedly runs to the Goblet of Fire and enters their names.

After studying and lunch Alvin and Trever practice dueling on the beach.

Faith convinces several Durmstrang boys to give her a tour of the school, and presses for information on the hook-nosed teacher she saw the night before. She narrows it down to a few possible suspects,

The next weeks pass quickly:

Alvin spends some time getting to know the students from the other schools. He meets and flirts with a pretty student from Beauxbatons named Amy, but has no idea of her rivalry with Faith.

Trever unravels the local bureaucracy, and scouts the area for off-limits and dangerous areas to explore. He also puts a magical creation, a spell-librarian, into the Durmstrang Library. Like its brother back at Hogwarts, the spell indexes and saves the information for him to find later.

Faith works with Slughorn on an invisibility potion.

All 3 study and practice and study in the hopes of being selected as champion.

Amy invites Alvin to joins her and some others from her school for some charms practice, which he graciously accepts. Faith glares at Alvin and Amy as they practice. still knowing nothing of their history, Alvin invites Faith to join the group, which causes Amy to hang off his arm even more. He mostly stays out of their squabbling, as it escalates, while Trever, watching from the sidelines, goads the two on.

After the two trade verbal quips, Faith walks away in a huff, throwing the bird over her shoulder. Realizing that Faith isn’t as interested in Alvin as she thought, Amy stops flirting so strongly.

Trever discovers his librarian spell is being interfered with, and goes into the library to find the information that is being blocked. He finds a book that mentions a wizard named Vojmir Sendula, who lived in the 16th century, an author who supposedly inspired Rasputin.

Trever finds that Rasputin is a mystery in magic circles- he never interacted with the magic community, but did much that made it seem as though he was a wizard. Any attempt by a wizard to find out the truth was met with death, disappearance, or odd behavior.

Trever applies to take classes with the Durmstrang students, but the Durmstrang headmaster decides not to allow outside students. Needing to get close to Durmstrang to learn more about these men, he decides to recruit Durmstrang students into his group, and succeeds in getting one interested. A few boys from Beauxbaton join up as well.

Faith convinces a Beauxbaton student to be a lab rat for her potion formula. It wasn’t pretty.

Trever befriends the school’s ghosts to try and gain more information on Rasputin, but while they’re all quite willing to talk to him about anything else, any mention of Rasputin ends the conversation abruptly. Trever also spends time learning Slavic languages.

The group takes a field trip to a nearby forest. Trever is using it as an opportunity to train with his group. The Durmstrang and Beauxbaton students that have joined his group follow, as do Alvin and Faith. An explosion sends one of the Beauxbaton students tumbling to the ground, injured. The while the other schools’ students cower, the Hogwarts kids go to work.

Faith casts a spell to determine what happened, and tracks a spell coming from deeper in the woods. She calls out the area to the rest of the students.

Trever orders his ‘troops’ into a defensive position around the injured student, as one of them checks on the downed kid. Trever follows up by sending up a distress flare.

Alvin runs up to flank the area Faith pointed out.

Faith moves up and brings a force of wind towards her from deeper in the woods, causing white-out conditions in a large area of the woods.

Trever moves to just outside the blowing snow-field.

Trever’s groups defend the fallen student, casting shields and doing first aid. One Beauxbaton student runs to her fallen classmate, distraught.

Alvin moves through the woods, still flanking.

Faith casts a spell to try and see the invisible, but doesn’t detect anything. She forward, through the cloud of blinding snow, and notices something hiding behind a tree.

Trever makes that tree explode into flame, and orders his troops to see in thermal vision.

Alvin moves up and knocks the tree over. It crashes to the ground, still on fire.

Whatever’s behind the tree, something small or crouched, moves away and into the cloud of blowing snow. It attacks Trever with some sort of projectile spell, but Trever deflects it back and we hear a Thump.

Faith clears the blowing snowfield and finds nothing but an empty cloak inside. She picks it up with a stick, and sees that it is tattered and holed.

Teachers show up in response to the flare, and as they are hurried back to safety, the group overhears that they could tell something was transported from the area.

The group heads back to the school, and Faith and Alvin decide to try and find a drink. Faith sweet-talks the Durmstrang students but none has any alcohol they want to share.

Trever and his group debrief and go over what happened.

As the 3 meet later, they go over their theories for what happened. Trever shares what he’s found out about Rasputin, and the reactions of the people (and ghosts) that he tries to get to talk about it.

Faith looks to try and find who the teacher who was watching them was. A little investigation reveals that It was the teacher specializing in dark arts. She goes to try and find him, but finds out that he spends most of his time in his office or teacher’s lounge.

Alvin goes to the Headmistress about protecting the Hogwarts students in the future. She asks him to keep an eye out, but not to do anything to compromise the tournament. He shares some of Trever’s information about Rasputin, but she dismisses it. As far as she knows, Rasputin was merely a muggle charlatan, and Trever is paranoid and prone to flights of fancy.

Faith tries to get into the Dark Arts professor’s office, but triggers a security device built into the door, and has to dodge a fireball. After a minute’s deliberation, she kickes in the door and rolls, ducking mostly under the fireball. Once inside the office, she looks around and finds a strange cabinet with knobs around an arch. Opening it, she finds a bottle and two glasses.

Closing it, she turns one of the knobs 180 degrees and reopens the cabinet- this time she finds a couple books, and a half-eaten sandwich. She resets the cabinet and sits down to wait for the professor.

When he arrives and sees her, he closes and locks the door. She introduces herself, and proposes a deal. She wants to learn ‘dark arts’ instead of ‘defense against the dark arts’, and she asks to audit his classes. He silently shows her the door. Before she leaves, he tells her his name, Professor Christoph, and tells her when to show up for her class.

That night, the tri-wizard champions are chosen. Alvin, Faith, and Trever are not picked. The Beauxbaton champion, however, is Amy.

Hogwarts' Expedition
Session One

The characters meet at platform 9 & 3/4 for the annual train ride to Hogwarts. Trever games while sharing a cabin with his friends. While patrolling the train, Prefect Alvin Atrox meets Faith, an American exchange student, who will be attending Hogwarts this year. Although she will be a 6th-year student, Faith accompanies the First-Years across the lake, and after being introduced to the entire school, is sorted into Slytherin for the year.

The Headmistress announces that there will be another Triwizard cup this year, and each of the PCs talks to their head of house about being included. In all, 10 students each from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff (including Alvin), and Ravenclaw (including Trever), are selected, and 11 from Slytherin (the extra one being the new exchange student, Faith), and they all board The Hogwarts Express for the trip to the Durmstrang Institute.

After a brief misadventure involving two open windows, a Hufflepuff Prefect, a broomstick, a bend in the track, and the Slytherin Girls’ Dormitory, the students buckle down for a week of studying on the way to the opposing school. Trever Faith and Alvin bond along the way, in spite of their house differences. When they finally arrive at Durmstrang, Faith has a brief and cold encounter with a rival from her previous exchange school, and all the students sit down for a meal in the great hall at Durmstrang.

The Tri-Wizard Cup

To test the rules: Each Player is a 6th- or 7th-year student who is part of Hogwarts’ delegation to the host school for the latest tri-wizard cup.

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