Trever Lamb


High Concept: wizard gamer

Trouble: anti-Statute of Secrecy campaigner

Year 1: Muggle Genius
Year 2: “i’m that kid”
Year 3: experiential learner
Year 4: overachiever
Year 5: REbel with a cause
Year 6: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Clever 3
Flashy, Forceful 2
Sneaky, Quick 1
Careful 0


Magical Inspiration – Because he is a Genious, when his Back is Against the Wall, he gets a +2 Clever to Overcome the situation

Once per session he can create a new spell


Year 1: i was your typical nerdy kid, dad worked for Google and mom was a Theoretical Physicist. Both being Nerds themselves i learned computer code alongside english, and was LARPing while in diapers. i breezed through school, and was at a LARP outdoor even the summer i graduated high school (at 11) when one of the “spells” i cast at my opponent set the bush next to him on fire! when i got home from camp a professor from hogwarts was waiting, the classes were great! and what a library! don’t know about the people though…

Year 2 I thought my first year i was just getting picked on because i was a total newb, turns out it goes deeper than that, everyone, especially the bellycrawlers, seem to pick on me for being "muggle-born* or because i happen to know a quark from a quasar. its like everytime i turn around someone is there to trip or trick me. it doesn’t help that my mother keeps campaigning for admittance to the ministry of magic

Year 3 its been 3 years since everything i used to use to game started shorting out as soon as i got excited, so, since i am living in a freaking magical castle, i was going to start a practical gaming group. Being a teacher’s pet i had no problem getting staff approval. it is technically a “practicum study group utilising current studies in a simulated dramatic environment” but in my head its D&D with real swords and spells

Year 4 i had read about the Time Turner, and was amazed when i asked about it that they would actually allow me to use TIME TRAVEL to double my class load (which i did) TAKE THAT PHYSICS! My mom is gonna freak!

Year 5 F the man! i let slip to my mom, the theoretical physicist, the earth shattering news that TIME TRAVEL is not only possible but practical, something that could challenge the fundamentals of science, and i end up on probation and all my muggle contacts end up charmed into forgetting i even EXIST until they deem i am “no longer a threat to the Statute of Secrecy”.

Year 6 if i’m not allowed to show the “muggle” world that magic exists, i’m gonna rub all these wizards noses in everything they are missing from things like science and technology. the first thing i did this year was create a search daemon for the library, you ask it a question and it scours the archives for you bring you answers if possible, but at the very least a list of relevant books. building off this idea one of the other muggle-born found a way to use this spell to call up specially tagged essays. thats right, i brought blogging and google to Hogwarts, my dad would be proud….if he knew i existed.

hmmm…. perhapts i could apply programming theory to Arithmancy…

Trever Lamb

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