Post-Potter Hogwarts

Hogwarts' Expedition

Session One

The characters meet at platform 9 & 3/4 for the annual train ride to Hogwarts. Trever games while sharing a cabin with his friends. While patrolling the train, Prefect Alvin Atrox meets Faith, an American exchange student, who will be attending Hogwarts this year. Although she will be a 6th-year student, Faith accompanies the First-Years across the lake, and after being introduced to the entire school, is sorted into Slytherin for the year.

The Headmistress announces that there will be another Triwizard cup this year, and each of the PCs talks to their head of house about being included. In all, 10 students each from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff (including Alvin), and Ravenclaw (including Trever), are selected, and 11 from Slytherin (the extra one being the new exchange student, Faith), and they all board The Hogwarts Express for the trip to the Durmstrang Institute.

After a brief misadventure involving two open windows, a Hufflepuff Prefect, a broomstick, a bend in the track, and the Slytherin Girls’ Dormitory, the students buckle down for a week of studying on the way to the opposing school. Trever Faith and Alvin bond along the way, in spite of their house differences. When they finally arrive at Durmstrang, Faith has a brief and cold encounter with a rival from her previous exchange school, and all the students sit down for a meal in the great hall at Durmstrang.


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